Frequently Asked Questions

When & Where will i receive my account details.

You will recieve the account information instatly after purchasing via email.

Please ensure that the email you enter when checking out is correct as this is where your account details will be sent.

Note: Please check your spam folder aswell if the email does not arrive in your main inbox!

Does my account come with any warranty?

All products on Gee smurfs come with atleast 30 days warranty for free the 30 day warranty can be activated via our discord upon ban.

IMPORTANT: Warranty covers bans for botting only, for things such as trolling/flame/hacking etc we will not replace the account.

How do i change the Email/Password to my new account?

To change any login details all you need to do is log into the Riot games website and you will be able to change it from there.

Can any of my main accounts get banned because a bought a smurf?

No. None of your accounts will get banned or be at risk due to buying a smurf account. The truth is MANY high elo plays & pros have smurf accounts that they play on all the time!

Why should i buy a smurf?

1. To climb faster.

Many high elo players & Pros have smurfs that they play on all the time, they only play on their main accounts when they are playing at their peak. This means they are much more likley to win which helps them climb faster in the longrun.

2. Test New champions/Play with friends.

Ever wanted to try a new champion or play ranked with a friend but you dont want to ruin your LP? Well now you can! start up a game on your smurf and play without the worry of ruining your main account/rank.

I bought an account but i cant play ranked on it?

To unlock the 'ranked' game mode on league you need to be level 30+ & have unlocked atleast 20 champions. If you cant play ranked 99% of the time it will be bcause of these 2 problems.

Please make sure you have 20 or more champions & the account is level 30+.

I got banned for hacking/trolling/abusive chat. Does your warranty cover this?

Sorry but no. We make it very clear that our warranty only covers you any issues/defects that we are at fault for. If you get the account banned yourself for bad behaviour or something similar then we cannot replace the account.

P.S We have a script that we use which tells up the exact time & reason the account was banned, there is no use in lying to us!