Solo/Duo Ranked Boosting

Starting from season 13, we now offer boosting! Here at Gee Smurfs we only work the the most skilled players up in the top 1% of the ranked ladder so we can ensure the highest quality boosts available.

All boosts will be done with a VPN, NO chat & will appear offline to your friends list. This ensures your account will be kept safe while it is being boosted by our top players.

  • Your account will be safe!

    We have strict rules for all boosters to ensure your account is as safe as possible while we boost it.

    1. No chat allowed
    2. Appear Offline to your friends
    3. Use a VPN for extra saftey

    Only my personally trusted boosters will be selected to play on your accounts.

  • How long will my boost take?

    On average we give our boosters 1 day for every rank needed.

    Example: Platinum 3 to Platinum 1 is 2 ranks boosted = 2 days roughly for your boost to be completed. It is very possbile your order will be completed earlier than this & we will contact you if so.

  • Top 1% Of Players Ready For Boost!

    Here at Gee Smurfs we have only the best (Master-Challenger) players in league ready and waiting to boost your account.

    Place your order and watch them destroy their oppenents!

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How does the process of boosting work?

The process is really simple, after placing your order we will assign a trusted booster to rank up your account. When your order is finshed will we notify you via email & on the website livechat.

Can i play on the account while the order is active?

We would preffer it if you did not to ensure the boost was completed as fast as possible. But if you want to play it can be scheduled with your booster.

if you do play, do not play the same game mode you have purhcased the boost for.

Why is Gee Smurfs so cheap compared to other sites?

The truth is, other sites honestly charge too much. Its not that we are cheap just that most other websites are rip offs.

i will always try to give the best value for my community and build it like we have been for the past 2 years!