Unranked Smurfs

ALL botted accounts come with lifetime warranty & Full Access. 40,000-200,000 Blue essence Available.

Regions in stock: EUW/NA/EUNE/TR/LAN/LAS/OCE/BR/RU

Unranked Smurfs

Handlevel Accounts

The perfect account if you are looking for a new main! All accounts come with 0% Ban Chance & Recovery Details.

Aram & MMR handlevels for sale
Regions: EUW/NA/EUNE

Handlevel Accounts

Select A Skin On Your Smurf

Select your Favourite skin to be on your new smurf! We have EVERY skin on the game for sale starting from €4!

(Unpopular skins/champions are normally aged botted so they are the safest!)

EUW/NA/EUNE In stock!

Choose Skin On Smurf

Ranked Accounts

IRON to Master Ranked accounts in stock!

ALL accounts will come with Full Access & Positive win rates. What are you waiting for?

Ranked Accounts

Cheap RP Gifting

Safe & Cheap RP is available on GeeSmurfs!
Regions: EUW/NA/EUNE

Cheap RP

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Where will my account be delivered to?

All account details will be sent to the email you enter when you checkout. Please enter this correctly to ensure that you get your account with no problems.

Why is Gee Smurfs so cheap compared to other sites?

The truth is we are selling EXACTLY the same product as the other sites that sell Unranked smurf accounts at €10+. Im not a greedy person and i know that providing customers with value for money is much better in the longrun than rip off prices!

Trust in GeeSmurfs! Customers 1st Profits 2nd

How do I change the e-mail and/or password?

To change either the email or password to the account please login (using the details sent to you) to the riot website and change them on there.