Welcome to the valorant section, here you will find only the best quality unranked smurfs & ranked accounts on sale.

All Accounts will come with Full Access, NO Bans & Free Lifetime Warranty!

Ready For Ranked Smurfs

ALL accounts come with Level 20+ & Unranked. Handlevel & Botted accounts available.

Regions in stock: EU/NA

Ready For Ranked Smurfs

Ranked Accounts

IRON to RADIANT Ranked accounts in stock!

ALL accounts will come with Full Access & Lifetime Warranty. What are you waiting for?

Regions in stock: EU/NA

Ranked Accounts

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Where will my account be delivered to?

All account details will automatically available to you after you login. Please watch this video for demonstration.

Account details will also be sent to you via the email you used when checking out. So please ensure this is correct.

If you have any issues please feel free to contact us via the website live chat (bottom left)

Why is Gee Smurfs so cheap compared to other sites?

OUR PRICES here at Gee Smurfs EASILY BEAT any of our COMPETITORS! We Sell accounts for as little as €14.99 while our competitors charge €30+ for exactly the same product.

We make our accounts by using our personal self written private bot, which greatly increases protection during ban waves. Our team worked hard to perfect the bot constantly looking for improvements to ensure that you will always get the best quality when ordering at Gee Smurfs!

All of our 'Smurf Accounts' will come with no email linked to them meaning you can link your personal email to the account & change your password instantly via the league/riot website.

How do I change the e-mail and/or password?

To change either the email or password to the account please login (using the details sent to you) to the riot website and change them on there.

If there is an email linked to the account you will be given the full login information & the link to the email website login page.